I’ve Been Branded pt. 2

Three weeks ago, I signed up for the service Brand Yourself. From this I realized that I am no where near the top in searches for the name “Anne Wise”. Its hard to compete with people who have the same name and are established doctors and other medical personal! But that doesn’t mean I’m going to just give up and stop trying to be found.

This is my report card form three weeks ago-

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.08.59 PM


I received a C+ and had 485 points. Since then I’ve gone in and tried to improve my Twitter and even my blog (if you hadn’t noticed the changes). I’ve added a Bio that included my name and location and major on Twitter. Then for my blog here I added a link to my About.me page, my Instagram feed and my location. Plus a whole lot more on other sites and these two sites as well. I really enjoy working on this and seeing what I need to do to make myself more easily found on Google. But to my surprise I didn’t budge an inch on my report card-

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 5.23.47 PM


Three weeks later and I’m still stuck with a C+… I just have more points now. Maybe its just the student in me but I cannot stand having myself get a C. It is going to bother me to no end.

But hey I’m still young, I really haven’t done much in the world yet and I still have a lot of time. I think one of the problems I could also be facing is the fact that all my social medial outlets are named with “Annewise13” instead of just “Anne Wise”. This could lead to a lot of discrepancy in searches. Now that I’ve realized this I might restart my Brand Yourself adventure and start off with working on branding the name “Annewise13” and see where it gets me.

Again, I am very grateful to have learned how to use this website to my advantage and work on improving my personal image on the web.


Images from- Brandyourself.com – Report card


How to Manage Media Like the Pros~

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.59.57 PM


Hootsuite is a program that can be used to schedule social media posts in the future. This is an amazing program for anyone who has to run media outlets for a business or just someone who wants to have constant and consistent media posts on their own personal pages.

Personally I have the chance to use Hootsuite for the company I work for, we schedule radio show promotions, blogs, images and other forms of promotion weeks and even months in advanced. It really makes my job 10x easier, Hootsuite allows me to schedule things for the next two weeks in one siting so I don’t have to worry about updating Facebook every single day.

Above is the calendar of the five posts I had to make this week through Hootsuite. I choose to post these to my Twitter feed, which is actually a really interesting idea as I never really post much to my Twitter anymore. This can allow me to post things throughout the year and keep my Twitter up to date without the hassle of having to remember every few days to go in an say something interesting.

Overall, I really think programs like Hootsuite are great things to have when managing a business’ social media pages. It makes thing so much easier for scatter brained people like me who can’t remember what they ate for dinner, much less when they last posted to their social media.


Image from- http://www.hootsuite.com – publisher – past scheduled

My New and Improved Resume

For this assignment we had to make an infographic using an online source like piktochart or infogr.am. An infographic is a picture that is used to showcase information in a more interesting and fun way. I think that Infographics are much more useful and engrossing way to showcase information. Personally, I hate reading boring reports about things I really don’t care about. Thus infographics are very helpful in this instance, I can pay attention to an image a lot easier than a long block of text.

In this assignment we had the option to make one of two infographics, I chose to make a resume infographic.



For this, I also chose to make a QR code that links back to my About.me page; just because I think they’re neat and I’ve actually always wanted to figure out how to make one. QR codes are also a really neat and pretty new form of advertising I guess. I think its cool that all someone has to do is scan the code instead of writing down a web address or trying to remember it. These little pictures make it so much easier to direct viewers to a certain place on the web.

Overall, I love that I now know how to make an infographic and also create a QR code. I feel like I know enough to be dangerous in theses two areas, which is a good feeling.

Giff Time


So for this project we needed to create a gift. I thought for a long time of what video or pictures to use and quite frankly I think this is the best video ever so its only fitting.

Giffs are basically just moving pictures or small video files. You can make them out of a regular Youtube video or even just a series of pictures.

They can be as simple as a dancing banana


or something a little more complicated


Or just some more awesome dancers


Giffs are really just another way of having movement and attraction on the internet. Who wants to look at a single picture when you could see the actions. I think that Giffs are a great thing to include on any website and now that I know how to make them I can’t wait to make more!




Video for giffs I made can be found here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc17H68IKMs

Banana is from here- http://blogs.technet.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-blogs-components-weblogfiles/00-00-01-01-35/e8nZC.gif

Colorful circle thingy is here- https://s3.amazonaws.com/vice_asset_uploader/files/1395079497120430.gif

What am I sharing???


It seems like the more I learn about social media and other advertising/ public relations technologies the more prevalent they seem to become in my life. The more I learn about the permanence of things online, the more I start to see what I want to post on say Twitter and end up not doing so because I’m not sure that’s the message I want to send.

In a way I really love social media. I love how I can connect to the people I know and love that live across the continent. But in a way I also feel that social media is hindering who we really are by making us double and triple think about the things we post to our sites. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really like to think about those things, I’m too impulsive. If I like a picture, I’ll probably share it because it might help me with an idea later. But now instead I have folders upon folders of saved inspiration pictures on my phone and computer and just about anything else because sometimes I’m too afraid to post them! To me that doesn’t make sense. Social media was supposed to be freeing, but instead it hinders us in being who we really are due to fear.

I guess this goes along with my last post, It doesn’t seem right how much the internet saves about us. It isn’t right that we have little trails of our interest wandering through cyberspace only so they can be used to punish us in a way.


Picture from-  Meman, D. (2015, February). Demand Spring. The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing. Retrieved from: http://demandspring.com/7-deadly-sins-social-media-marketing-part-1/

Are we being watched?

In class this week we watched a documentary called Terms and Conditions May Apply. Really the main purpose of this video was to show how by clicking you “agree” to the terms of some online resource you let these people collect as much data as they want about you.

Which when you think about it, is actually really terrifying. I feel like somethings in life really need to be private so learning that Google can store information about what I search for years and years is just outrageous. Then also learning that they have the ability to share this information with the government and other third parties, does not seem like something I signed up for when I typed “google” into my search bar; but apparently, I did.

There are so many things that we agree to without reading or really understanding the importance of. I guess I understand that I did agree to my searches being tracked and my interests shared with others; but part of me hesitates to accept this. It just seems like such a breach of privacy, plus why do they need this information anyway?

Overall, this documentary taught me a lot about the world we live in and the way the internet  works. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, I can guarantee the knowledge they showcase will surprise you.


Video from- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEO9iLWBWvw

In the process of Branding


By using the website Brand Yourself I was able to look into how I as a person rank on google. Quite honestly it was bit of a shock to me to see all the other Anne Wise’s in the world, and even more so how many of them are doctors…. Either I’m getting myself into the wrong major to fit into the Anne Wise crew or I’ll just be rather unique.

Brand Yourself pretty much allows you the opportunity to make yourself easier to find on Google. It giver you the opportunity to look through the search results that come up when you search your name on Google and choose which ones are you or are not you as well as it gives you suggestions on how to make your links come up higher in the ranking.

This first screenshot shows the links I chose to follow and therefore “boost” higher into the searches. The red bars on the right side of the screen show how much I’ve done to make these links easier to search. When you click on the green button that says boost, BrandYourself gives you recommendations on how to get more “boost” points. These recommendations are anything from adding your name onto you blog profile to sharing it on other networks.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.15.28 PM


This second screenshot shows my report card of how I rank on search-abilty. My grade is a C+,  which is a lot higher than I thought it would be due to how low my links ranked.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.08.59 PM

In three or so weeks I will be going back and re-looking at all this data to see if my report card gets any better!




Image from: BrandYourself. (December 2012). BrandYourself Logo. Retrieved from: http://blog.brandyourself.com/brand-yourselfcom/national-study-shows-how-much-our-personal-google-results-affect-our-everday-relationships/attachment/brandyourself-logo-with-tagline-2/