Final Exam

For my CAP 105 Final Exam I will be uploading all assignments to this page~

  • Personal Logo!

aw logo

For my personal logo I decided to take my initials “AW” from a picture I had taken of a bonfire last summer. I think this is a good representation of me for a few reasons, one being that its very different from the A&W Rootbeer logo. Another reason is because I absolutely love summer nights and  sitting around a bonfire with friends and family, but I think the most important reason is because I have a rather fiery personality. I have red hair, I don’t take no for an answer, and I will fight for what I think is right; and that is why fire is a good fit for me. I’m sure at some point I will go back and refine this, I would like the two letters to be a bit closer and somehow add the entirety of my name underneath the letters but for now this simple design will do!

(Citation for logo Anne Wise, (2015), Wise Logo.)

  • Photo manipulation

For this part of the assignment I took four images of me in front of statues around Grand Valley’s Allendale campus. All of these photos contain more information within them using the caption option on Photoshop. I didn’t have much trouble with this but I was rather annoyed with the terrible quality of my cell phone photos. Some photos are edited more than others, some have a single filter or a crop and other have a slew of filters to try to cover the horrible quality of each image.





Carillon-Cook Clock Tower, GVSU Allendale Campus. Best known statue on campus





link structure




The needle sculpture in the Mackinac court yard, GVSU Allendale campus.





L. William "Bill" Seidman statue, GVSU Allendale campus.

  • Geolocation Services

-For the first part of this assignment we were to go to the 20/20 desk in the Kirkhof center and take a picture in front of the sign. Yay for more awkward selfies! We then posted this image to Instagram and tagged our professor, hashtagged #CAP105Final and checked in at Kirkhof. So here it is

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 6.58.57 PM


(Image citation- Wise, A. [annewise13]. 18 April 2015. Retrieved from: )

-The second part of this assignment was a geolocation assignment on Twitter. For this part of the assignment we needed to go to Grand Valley’s theater building and find the actual theater and then take a picture in front of the sign. We than needed to post that picture to twitter, again tag our professor, check in at the theater, and use the hashtag #CAP105Final in the post. Again this was a rather easy assignment, the only issue I had was mistakenly posting this picture to Instagram as well and then having to go back and re-check in at the theater. But that was just a silly mistake on my part.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 8.56.39 PM

(Image citation- Wise, A. [@annewise13]. 21 April 2015. Retrieved from: )

  • MEMES!

I think this part of the assignment was made so we could embarrass ourselves further. In this part of the assignment we were to imitate three memes that have become rather popular online; Bad Luck Brian, First World, and Haters Gunna Hate. I’m not a huge fan of internet memes because I don’t find a lot of them funny, but making these memes I found a new appreciation for them as I had a hard time coming up with captions.


Bad Luck Brian imitation

(Image citation-Anne Wise, (2015), Bad Luck.)


First World imitation

(Image citation-Anne Wise, (2015), First World.)


(Image citation-Anne Wise, (2015), Haters.)

  • Video

For this portion of the final we had to make a short video on instagram of our favorite spot in the new library building on the Allendale campus. We then had to upload the video on Instagram, tag our professor, and use the hashtag #cap105FINAL. I liked this assignment because I am an Instagram lover so its just something I like. My favorite spot in the Library is the Terrace on the fourth floor, simply because its fresh air and you can see everything from up there.

  • Photoshop

For this part of the assignment we got to use photoshop to edit an image of us in front of our favorite art sculpture on campus. I choose the cute little flower statue outside of Fuel. It actual name is Flowers and was created by David Gibson. I love this statue because even in the winter the yellow flowers stick out and brighten up the dreary landscape.

In this image I removed the pine tree in the foreground, the little flowers covering the sign and a funny mark on my face. I also added a Brightness/ Contrast filter because the image was a little dark.







  • Internet Research

For this part of the assignment we had to find the GVSU 2014 Annual Report and find what pages the Financial Stewardship Report of 2014 was on. That report was located on page 18-19 and I could not believe how many scholarships were given out, OVER 360! Thats really awesome to me, being a broke college kid. I think the awesome colors used in this were awesome but I don’t like the graphic they used. It just makes the page look very childish. I also found how much people donate to Grand Valley just astounding. Some people can donate more that $25,000, where do these people get their money from?

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.52.37 PM


(Image citation- Grand Valley State University. “2014 Annual Report On Giving”. Retrieved from:

  • Internet research pt. 2

For this assignment we had to find our favorite internet meme and add it here. I choose the philosoraptor because I think what he says is actually funny things to think about not just stupid humor. So here are a few memes to enjoy-




I’m not sure that memes are actually “important” to internet culture but I do think that thy showcase the thoughts and humors of this generation and that is what is important.

  • GVSU Culture

The Wrecking Ball

First coming to Grand Valley I didn’t understand the importance of the wrecking ball, but now that I’ve been here for a few years I find myself strangely attached to it. I’m not really sure why to be honest, but when it was taken down due to this video, I found myself offended and mad that they would dare to take down the wrecking ball. I think that the wrecking ball is just such an iconic thing about the school that all the students who take pride in their school become attached to it. And so since I’ve never taken a photo with the wrecking ball, here is my terribly awkward selfie to commemorate my time at GVSU-


(Image citation-Anne Wise, (2015), Wrecking Ball.)


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