Prompt: An elderly man in hospice, his cell phone dies, and he’s in the middle of a forest untouched by man

We did this assignment in class where we drew cards for character, setting and conflict. This is what I came up with-


As usual, the rhythmic beeping of the heart monitor and hum of various other medical devices constantly attached to Albert lulled him to sleep this afternoon. The sun poured in through his windows and warmed his room just enough for him to be comfortable. Alberts long, thin legs stuck off the end of the bed he was confined to. He came here at this time every day to avoid the world, for just a little while. Albert was a quiet, determined, and self sufficient man; once he had an idea in his head, that was it, there was no use for discussion. It was that way with everything for him, just like the idiotic chair aerobics he refused to partake in here at Sunrise Hospice Care. Where, ironically, the residents never got to actually see the sunrise. That had to one of the things Albert missed most, he was an early riser his whole life. Now being confined to a too small room and a too small bed, he missed the air and the feeling of sunlight on your skin.

Today was the first day of spring, his favorite day. This was the day he would typically set out his camping gear and pack it all into his small trail hiking backpack and then drive until he found a new mountain to climb. This year was different though, especially with a recently broken arm and a slew of other health complications, plus the recent death of his wife. His son no longer believed Albert could take care of himself and moved him to Sunrise. It had been a really rough year without his wife, Sarah. His health declined along with hers, and when she died so did his spirit.

In the tiny, white, sterile bed Alberts body twitched and squirmed until he finally relaxed into a dream. He was suddenly emerged in luscious greens, surrounded by nothing but vegetation. He grasped a damp branch form the ground and tested its strength,

“Perfect” he told himself. A wide and true smile spread from ear to wrinkled ear. Placing one leg over the log in front of him, stabilizing himself with his branch, he began scaling the mountain. There were no paths, just him and nature. Just like the last trip he took with Sarah. Untouched nature, just the way they had liked.

Climbing further up the lush green mountain, Albert never tired. He paused periodically to take photos of the views on his old flip phone. He couldn’t wait to send them to his son, he would never believe his eyes. Too soon, the red light began blinking in the top right corner of the screen, telling him he used up most of the battery. Albert zipped the phone into the chest pocket on his vest and continued climbing, he would save the last shot for the very top of the mountain. Passing tree after tree, his hike began to look more and more like his last trip with Sarah. Memories flashed before his eyes, times he wished he could relive. His heart felt weak with want for times that had passed.

“I wonder” He said and began pushing away the brush to his left. Quickening his pace, he began jogging through the thick woods, his heart beating faster and harder with every step. Finally, he was immersed in a meadow, identical to the one he and Sarah had found long ago.

Looking around in amazement, he saw a figure emerge from the across the opening. The figure raised their head to the light and Albert couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Sarah?” And he was running to her, with his heart beating faster than ever. He just barely heard the two quick beeps and the long tone his phone made to tell him it was out of battery. But as he enveloped Sarah in his arms, nothing else in the world mattered.

The young nurse had been with Albert from the beginning of his time at Sunrise. With a tear in her eye, she turned the flat lined monitor off. She dragged the white sheet of the bed over Alberts head, giving him the last bit of peace he would ever have.


Well blogging regularly is a fail.

This whole trying to blog regularly here and for my Ethics of Professional Life class is not going very well. This blog seems to be getting pushed to the side, not cool. I’m also in a writing class as well so I thought about just posting some of the stuff for that class here, but that seems too much like double dipping. So I had no idea what to do with this until I logged on and saw a post about blogging ideas for thirty days. While that seems like a little much for me I think I’m going to try to do something like it, only maybe once a week. That seems a little more do-able, especially with school still going on and since midterms are over, finals are just around the corner and life in general. Once a week seems like a solid plan.

So heres to seeing you (hopefully) by the end of this week, with a very well done blog that I’ve actually thought out, or some kind of writing assignment I can find the creativity to do~

Summer Daze


Well the days have ticked by slowly then all at once and somehow the summer has disappeared into a mess of hot sweaty work days and long hours in the car driving to various places. And now looking back I have no idea where the days went and how I only have five days left of summer before I move into my new apartment. Theres just so much to do and so much to pack and I completely forgot about my blog and now its all a mess. But I needed an update, so here it is-

I will be keeping my blog.

Wether or not it is 100% relevant to the Ad and PR world isn’t that concerning to me anymore. I know that I have a hard time keeping my thoughts on just one topic so why should I limit my blog to that? If its my blog it needs to be a reflection of me and that’s what I hope to make it. I love so much more than just news articles about AD and PR so I think I will try to pick one topic a week and write and write and write until all my ideas are out and when I finish perfecting it then I will share it. I think that’s the best thing for me.
I also think that from now on I will only be using my own pictures on this blog because they too express more of who I am as a person and I like to think they show off the way I see the world. I think that a picture actually is worth a thousand words or maybe even more and I don’t think I could properly communicate without them.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The summer is ending and the classes begin, lets hope for a good year


For my Cap 105 class we were required to do two networking events, for my first one I had the opportunity to work with, or really for, Wolverine Footwear for a fashion show in which me and two other students from Grand Valley were apart of. This was such an amazing experience, not only because I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people from the Wolverine world and still not only because I had the chance to wear all different types of Harley Davison sneakers and boots; but rather because it got me looking into their company more and more. Now this might just seem like something that would be silly to do, looking at all the different shoes and things that Harley Davison and Wolverine Footwear make, but in reality it shows me a really awesome internship that I hope to apply to in the future (I only say future because theres a year requirement for this internship). Now that I have a few people there that I can talk to about the workings and what type of positions are being offered I feel like I have a really awesome insight into the Footwear world. I cannot wait to get another year of schooling under my belt and be able to start applying to these internships, being the kind of unknowing person I am, who has way too many interests I think a place like this would be a great way to harmonize those interest in the working environment. Loving fashion, and mostly shoes and still wanting to be an advertising professional, I think this would be such an amazing opportunity if I am lucky enough. Only time will tell.

But for now, here is a horrible quality cell phone photo of my bright red head standing among all the lovely models from the show


My class CAP 105 in recap

This winter I had the opportunity to take an absolutely wonderful class called Technologies in PR and Advertising. Honestly having to create and end of the semester presentation about everything we had learned was difficult for me because I had learned so so so much, I didn’t even know where to begin.

We had the opportunity to use so many different websites and programs that are relevant in the Ad and PR world, It was just an amazing experience. I now can say that I have experience working with WordPress, Brandyourself, Makeagif,, Pictochart, even more experience with Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Photoshop, Indesign, and I finally got the chance to use Final Cut Pro. This has just been such a great class; in this major, its nice to actually have a class that allows me to use the programs I will need to know in the future instead of just reading a book about it. This is a like to my slideshow that shows some of the work I’ve done this semester –

And here are a few of the pieces I’m the most proud of-

My infographic resume


The gifs I made (Just because they’re fun)

dance_2 Dance

And though I hope I can do better in the future here is my first attempt with Final Cut Pro!

Is Publicity Always Good?

Theres a saying that states that any publicity is good publicity, but I’m not so convinced. Are stories in the news about a bad event really helpful to the reputation of a company? To me, I don’t think so. I think that if bad events happen to a company or if a bad news story leaks, this is not just publicity; this can be an incredibly damaging even for all involved.

For example, I heard today about an incident at Grand Valley State University where an April fools prank went terribly wrong and ended up starting a fire. So of course I had to look it up. Heres and article I found on it, thankfully everyone was okay! The person I was talking to also mentioned the fact that we haven’t really had this type of coverage in the news since the wrecking ball incident…

I can’t help but think that the administrators at Grand Valley are really wishing they got publicity for the awesome new science building they’re constructing rather than naked kids swinging on a ball or a fire that was started as a prank. I think that these events are actually incredibly damaging to the reputation of Grand Valley whether we want to admit it or not. Just as the students at Michigan State University flipping a car was not good for the PR officials there.

I cannot believe that all press is good press. There are stories that a company, or in this case a University, would rather keep to themselves or exchange for a different more academic story and because of that I think it proves my point that there is bad media coverage or publicity.


Video from-

The Uncertain Future


So I started this blog for my cap 220 class last semester, which was pretty neat. I started with a blog like this, I had never really blogged before so it was a cool way to get started, but now I’ve come a long way with the blogs I create (at least in my opinion). I always feel like I’m wasting my time if I work on things for my personal media stuffs so having an assignment to make a blog made it a lot easier for me to justify that time. Then to come into my cap 105 class and need to blog more, it was really awesome! I’m really happy that I’ve had the chance to start a blog, I think it could be  really beneficial for the rest of my career.

I love that I now have a place I feel like I can show off the work I can do on Photoshop or any other software. It gives me a place to share my voice on certain topics which is also nice for me personally but if I have an opposing opinion to a future employer who looks into my blog that could lead to some issues. I also think I might have the problem of keeping this blog up to date. I have a really hard time justifying spending time on things like this when I could be reading for classes or studying or even working. Part of me knows that it a really good idea to have an up to date blog but to me it’s just hard to spend that time online. But having a blog that is super out of date is even worse than just deleting this blog.

Overall, I think that in the immediate future I will be keeping my blog as almost a trial run. If in the near future I can keep it rather up to date and I actually do post over the summer than I will keep this for as long as I can. But if I stop posting over the summer and this falls in the background then I will delete it unfortunately. I really do hope to keep this because its been a really awesome experience making blogs and feeling like what I say matters when people like my posts and things. So as far as the future of my cap 105/220 blog goes, it’s rather uncertain, only time will tell.




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