Well blogging regularly is a fail.

This whole trying to blog regularly here and for my Ethics of Professional Life class is not going very well. This blog seems to be getting pushed to the side, not cool. I’m also in a writing class as well so I thought about just posting some of the stuff for that class here, but that seems too much like double dipping. So I had no idea what to do with this until I logged on and saw a post about blogging ideas for thirty days. While that seems like a little much for me I think I’m going to try to do something like it, only maybe once a week. That seems a little more do-able, especially with school still going on and since midterms are over, finals are just around the corner and life in general. Once a week seems like a solid plan.

So heres to seeing you (hopefully) by the end of this week, with a very well done blog that I’ve actually thought out, or some kind of writing assignment I can find the creativity to do~


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