Summer Daze


Well the days have ticked by slowly then all at once and somehow the summer has disappeared into a mess of hot sweaty work days and long hours in the car driving to various places. And now looking back I have no idea where the days went and how I only have five days left of summer before I move into my new apartment. Theres just so much to do and so much to pack and I completely forgot about my blog and now its all a mess. But I needed an update, so here it is-

I will be keeping my blog.

Wether or not it is 100% relevant to the Ad and PR world isn’t that concerning to me anymore. I know that I have a hard time keeping my thoughts on just one topic so why should I limit my blog to that? If its my blog it needs to be a reflection of me and that’s what I hope to make it. I love so much more than just news articles about AD and PR so I think I will try to pick one topic a week and write and write and write until all my ideas are out and when I finish perfecting it then I will share it. I think that’s the best thing for me.
I also think that from now on I will only be using my own pictures on this blog because they too express more of who I am as a person and I like to think they show off the way I see the world. I think that a picture actually is worth a thousand words or maybe even more and I don’t think I could properly communicate without them.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The summer is ending and the classes begin, lets hope for a good year


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