For my Cap 105 class we were required to do two networking events, for my first one I had the opportunity to work with, or really for, Wolverine Footwear for a fashion show in which me and two other students from Grand Valley were apart of. This was such an amazing experience, not only because I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people from the Wolverine world and still not only because I had the chance to wear all different types of Harley Davison sneakers and boots; but rather because it got me looking into their company more and more. Now this might just seem like something that would be silly to do, looking at all the different shoes and things that Harley Davison and Wolverine Footwear make, but in reality it shows me a really awesome internship that I hope to apply to in the future (I only say future because theres a year requirement for this internship). Now that I have a few people there that I can talk to about the workings and what type of positions are being offered I feel like I have a really awesome insight into the Footwear world. I cannot wait to get another year of schooling under my belt and be able to start applying to these internships, being the kind of unknowing person I am, who has way too many interests I think a place like this would be a great way to harmonize those interest in the working environment. Loving fashion, and mostly shoes and still wanting to be an advertising professional, I think this would be such an amazing opportunity if I am lucky enough. Only time will tell.

But for now, here is a horrible quality cell phone photo of my bright red head standing among all the lovely models from the show



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