The Uncertain Future


So I started this blog for my cap 220 class last semester, which was pretty neat. I started with a blog like this, I had never really blogged before so it was a cool way to get started, but now I’ve come a long way with the blogs I create (at least in my opinion). I always feel like I’m wasting my time if I work on things for my personal media stuffs so having an assignment to make a blog made it a lot easier for me to justify that time. Then to come into my cap 105 class and need to blog more, it was really awesome! I’m really happy that I’ve had the chance to start a blog, I think it could be  really beneficial for the rest of my career.

I love that I now have a place I feel like I can show off the work I can do on Photoshop or any other software. It gives me a place to share my voice on certain topics which is also nice for me personally but if I have an opposing opinion to a future employer who looks into my blog that could lead to some issues. I also think I might have the problem of keeping this blog up to date. I have a really hard time justifying spending time on things like this when I could be reading for classes or studying or even working. Part of me knows that it a really good idea to have an up to date blog but to me it’s just hard to spend that time online. But having a blog that is super out of date is even worse than just deleting this blog.

Overall, I think that in the immediate future I will be keeping my blog as almost a trial run. If in the near future I can keep it rather up to date and I actually do post over the summer than I will keep this for as long as I can. But if I stop posting over the summer and this falls in the background then I will delete it unfortunately. I really do hope to keep this because its been a really awesome experience making blogs and feeling like what I say matters when people like my posts and things. So as far as the future of my cap 105/220 blog goes, it’s rather uncertain, only time will tell.




Image from- Victor and Vincent Obasi. “Our Space In The Future-LIFE Issues”. City People News. n.d. Retrieved from-


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